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Hey, I’m Coach Dominique

Founder and CEO of Pretty Me Inc. Girls Mentoring ​Program, 2x published author, mentor, motivational speaker, ​youth & family advocate, mother, wife, a proud member of ​Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated, certified life and ​parenting coach as well as the CEO of HER Empowerment ​Coaching LLC.

I am passionate about assisting with nurturing and fostering ​healthy relationships between parents and their children, no ​matter the age.

We work together to strengthen communication and the ​overall bond. Families will better understand each others ​social, emotional, and mental health needs.

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Coaching sessions are designed and tailored specifically for you and ​your wants and needs. Coach Dominique will provide insight and ​eye-opening solutions in whatever area you are seeking to be ​coached. To be clear coaching is NOT therapy! As your coach, ​Dominique will give you the emotional support needed to help you ​clearly define and accomplish your goals.

This can only be done if you are willing to do the work, and it will ​not always be easy. Coach Dominique will hold you accountable and ​stand with you to and through the finish line.





4-Week Power Journey

This package includes weekly

1-on-1 coaching calls with me not to exceed 45 minutes. A strategy ​plan to set and execute goals, lifework assignments to complete in ​between sessions to keep you centered and focused on goals, and ​email access in between sessions for questions/support. Lastly, ​return path discussion, for clients looking to continue sessions.

*$75 non-refundable deposit, applied towards first session*

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Currently accepting bookings for the following speaking ​engagements:

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*Please note pricing varies depending on the type of event, ​duration, travel, and expectations of the coach.








I got a testimony” your workbook has truly strengthened my ​communication with my daughters! We’re learning new things about ​each other! I thought I knew my daughters, but this workbook has ​truly brought about things I did not know. It’s a blessing, we pray ​after each conversation and ask the Lord to help us to grow in the ​area where we need help!!! Thank You.

Khadija Warfield

I enjoyed my coaching sessions with Coach Dominique. ​She gave me things I didn't think of and helped me set ​goals. I knocked out those goals!. She's an amazing ​coach.



This book is gold! In a world where comparisons are rampant and parents are left wondering ​if they measure up, The Parenting Cocktail comes to the rescue with an individualized ​approach. As a life coach and mentor to young girls, Coach Dominique brings her unique and ​insightful wisdom and style, showing parents that just like each child is different, so should the ​approach to parenting. I highly recommend this book for parents at any stage, but especially ​in the preteen to teenage years

Ashley Sargeant Hagan


During a very rough patch in my life, Coach ​Dominique was able to help me see that I matter. I ​was able to change my perspective and take a new ​approach in life.

Mauriana T.



The parenting cocktail

The Parenting Cocktail is a reference guide to help moms cope with the ​ups, downs, and in-betweens of parenthood.

Parenting is not one size fits all!

Every child has different wants, needs, and desires, so your cocktail recipe ​will not look like others. Created from a mom's perspective, certified life ​coach and youth mentor Coach Dominique dive deep, stating, "Parenting is ​more about the parent than the child."

It is written with practical acumens, reflective moments, and insightful tips ​to help parents and children thrive in their relationships.

between us:

Mother & Daughter Workbook to Strengthen Communication

Nothing is more precious than the bond between a mother and her daughter. As ​time goes on we often find that bond can become strained, sometimes fractured. ​Yet no matter how frayed the line becomes, nor how deep the misunderstanding ​can be, there are ways to bridge the gap and become stronger than ever.

"Between Us" is an easy to use guide designed to help mothers and daughters ​strengthen their bonds through enhancing communication, from both sides. ​Whether the bond is strong or frayed, this WORK-book is for everyone, and is the ​perfect tool to bring mothers and daughters closer together. It might not always ​be easy, but this book is bound to change your life and shape your future…​together.

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From a corporate queen to ​walking in her purpose, Coach ​Dominique's journey has been a ​rollercoaster of self-discovery.

She fired her employer to pursue ​her purpose in guiding others to ​shine their brightest.

She is dedicated to assisting you ​in discovering ways to integrate ​positive habits seamlessly into ​your daily routine,

all while ensuring that you never ​have to compromise the things ​that bring you happiness.


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